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FRH Series Thin-Film Flexible Resistance Heaters

FluxTeq’s FRH Flexible Resistance Heater product line includes extensive sizes and power variations so that you are able to choose the best model for your application. The thin, low-profile design allows for minimal thermal resistance and incredible flexibility while still having impressive heat output.


As Low as $45 but Price Varies on Product ​Model

*Inquire about large quantity order pricing.

  Volume and University discounts available. 

  Price listed for US sales. International pricing may vary.

Design Features & Applications

 - Extremely Low Profile Ideal for Providing Heat in Areas with Limited Space or Curved Surfaces

 - Available in a Range of Sizes, Heat Output Power Densities & Input Voltages

 - Choice of Adding a Peel-off Adhesive Backing that is Perfect for Easy Mounting

Note: Size and adhesive options available when you click "ADD TO CART" or "VISIT STORE"

heater array
FluxTeq Flexible Resistance Heaters
Resistance Heater Specifications

Operating Temperature Range

Heating Area Thickness

Output Heat Power / Watt Densities

Standard Wire Leads

Specific Thermal Resistivity

Dielectric Strength

Encapsulation Material

0 to 200 degrees C (32 to 400 degrees F)

4 mil (0.004") or 102 microns (No Adhesive)

5 mil (0.005") or 127 microns (With Adhesive)

2.5, 5.0, & 10 W/in^2 (3.9, 7.8, & 15 kW/m^2)

24" (0.6 m) length of Fluoropolymer Insulated 24 AWG Stranded Copper Wire

Approx. 0.84 K/(kW/m^2)

8,000 Volts

Polyimide (Kapton)

FRH Resistance Heaters



Please email for any purchases. Include your shipping address and the number of sensors and types you would like purchase so that we can estimate the shipping and total costs.


Feel free to include any information about your specific application so that we can provide you with the most appropriate heat flux sensor product.


* Temperature range may be larger than specified. Further testing is currently being conducted.


Standard heater orders come with wire leads of 2 ft in length. If your application requires longer wire leads then we can provide them at a small additional cost per foot. 

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