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Measure R-value of building materials DIRECTLY
heat flux sensor R-value measurement
R-value Measurement real-time
FluxTeq R-value measurement System

There has never been a simple and accurate way to directly measure R-value of building materials.....until now​.

The FluxTeq R-value Measurement System is a low-cost Arduino based data acquisition system that is designed to accurately and directly collect R-value data of building materials through its heat flux and temperature sensors.

The system comes packaged with a PHFS-09e heat flux sensor and extra temperature sensor to enable collection of heat flux, inside, and outside temperature measurements simultaneously.  The device then processes the data and outputs measurements of R-value.  The data is collected and saved as an excel file on an SD card.

This user-friendly system is designed to be used completely independent from a computer. Simply press the button data will start being collected immediately.  

This approach is standardized in ASTM C1046 and ASTM C1155 and is the only way to directly measure R-value of building materials with in-situ measurements.

- Noninvasive

-User Friendly

- LCD screen for on-device measurement readout of current measurement.

- SD memory card for data logging.

- Micro USB Power Adapter to keep the device charged.

Key System Features
FTC foil thermocouple measure R-value

An extra thermocouple allows for outside surface temperature measurements.

R-value Measurement System RoHS



- In-situ measurement of thermal insulation R-value

- Measure Rvalue of walls, attic, windows, etc.

Price (US)

Purchase: $950 includes the sensors and system

FluxDAQ+ System Specifications

Input Signal Type:

Number of Channels:

Type of ADC:

Voltage Resolution:

Heat Flux Resolution Using PHFS-01:

Heat Flux Resolution Using PHFS-09:

Maximum Sampling Rate:*

Overall Package Dimensions**

Standard Features:

SD Memory Card Storage Capacity:

Number of Measurements:

Heat flux sensor and Type-T Thermocouple Analog DC Voltages

8 Differential (3 used but can request custom programming/sensors)

24-bit Delta-Sigma

<1 µV

Approximately 1 - 2 W/m^2

Approximately 0.1 - 0.2 W/m^2

Up to 2.5 Hz

5.0" x 4.2" x 3.5" (12.7 x 10.7 x 8.9 cm)

Integrated Thermistor for Cold Junction Temperature Compensation

8 Gigabytes (SD card included)

Approx. 10 Million Measurements Using All 8 Channels

* Samping rate is dependent on the number of active channels taking measurements. The specified maximum sampling rate is for 2 active differential channels (1 heat flux & 1 thermocouple)

**Dimensions of FluxDAQ USB interface measurement system in an acrylic enclosure that is built to house the FluxDAQ with all the optional additional features.


***Lead times may vary

Please email for any purchases. Include your shipping address and the number of sensors and types you would like purchase so that we can estimate the shipping and total costs.

Feel free to include any information about your specific application so that we can provide you with a FluxDAQ datalogger with the most appropriate capabilities.


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