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PHFS-01e Heat Flux Sensor

The PHFS-01e is a heat flux sensor that is encapsulated in either copper, brass, or aluminum in order to make it more robust. The metal encapsulation may add a relatively small amount of thickness and thermal resistance to the total sensor package, but it also allows the PHFS-01e an increased sensitivity and durability. Increased durability is advantageous when the sensor is required to withstand removal and reapplication to measurement surfaces multiple times throughout its lifetime.  This sensor is NIST traceable.


$210 for single/small order quantities*

*Inquire about large quantity order pricing.

  Volume and University discounts available. 

  Price listed for US sales. International pricing may vary.


 - R&D of heat transfer components

 - Energy efficiency of thermal systems

 - Heat transfer education

PHFS-01e copper-clad heat flux sensor FluxTeq
PHFS-01e Specifications

Sensor Type

Encapsulation Material

Nominal Sensitivity

Sensor thickness (t) 

Specific Thermal Resistance 

Absolute PHFS Thermal Resistance

Heat Flux Range   

Temperature Range**  

Response Time*  

Sensor Surface Thermocouple 

Sensing Area Dimensions 

Total Sensor Dimensions 

Sensing Area               

Total Sensor Area

Differential-Temperature Thermopile

Copper (other materials available)

Approx. 9.0 mV/(W/cm^2)

Approx. 600 microns

Approx. 0.9 K/(kW/m^2)

1.11 K/W

+/- 150 kW/m^2

-50 to +120 degrees C

0.9 Seconds

Type-T Thermocouple

a = 2.54 cm     b = 2.54 cm

W = 3.0 cm     H = 3.2 cm

6.45 cm^2

9.6 cm^2

PHFS-01e design FluxTeq







Please email for any purchases. Include your shipping address and the number of sensors and types you would like purchase so that we can estimate the shipping and total costs.


Feel free to include any information about your specific application so that we can provide you with the most appropriate heat flux sensor product.


*Response time is for one time constant or 63% sensor output signal to a heat flux step input

** Temperature range may be larger than specified. Further testing is currently being conducted.


Standard sensor orders come with heat flux and thermocouple wire measurement leads of 3 ft in length. If your application requires longer wire leads then we can provide them at a small additional cost per foot. 

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